Yours Truly

DF834A93-AE6E-47E6-9929-C883B96E1B6E.pngHey, yall! Welcome to my blog. My name is Jessica. Physically, I’m 24. Spiritually, I’m 107. That could be a slight exaggeration but it wouldn’t be a first for me. Seriously, I have a love affair with coffee and 9pm bed times.

I have two daughters: one lively human, one furry schnauzer. Thankfully, us 3 girls have my sweet husband to balance out some of our crazy. Bless that man. Not only does he tolerate all of my antics, he participates most of the time. He witnessed me catch myself on fire with a  flaming tequila shot and still wanted to marry me. That’s love.

I love to cook and create recipes from scratch. My grandma taught me how to make scrambled eggs when I was 5 which resulted in my entire family eating scrambled eggs every. single. day. There’s just something about creating a “kiss the cook” worthy dish that warms my soul. I like happy faces, and empty plates.

I’m in the midst of a complete 360 lifestyle change for my little family. Taking things from mainstream back to the homestead. This could get interesting…. and entertaining.

I started this blog in hopes to send y’all some virtual happy. If I can make one person giggle in the midst of their daily chaos, or give someone a “me too” moment, or inspire them to get in some QT with their littles and enjoy life’s simple treasures then my time and words have been well spent.

If you like humor, and craziness, and recipes, and advice, and inspiration, and the realest of the real, I’m your girl. I hope you will follow along with me! And if you do, please read my posts with a southern drawl and a dash of sarcasm. Cheers friends!