Mama Knows Best

Whether you grew one and birthed it, adopted one, acquired one, or found one floating down the river in a basket you have been blessed enough to be that one’s “Mama”.

And all too often I see Mamas who have forgotten the importance of their place, their role in shaping the future via tiny humans. And Mamas who let their voice be silenced. But that voice serves a purpose and that baby is yours for a reason. Whether you believe it or not, you specifically were chosen for them.

You. Specifically.

I’m here to tell you Mamas, you need to look inside yourself and find your Mama pride. Because those babies are yours. And its exhausting to constantly see mamas being bullied, and their authority stripped because they are young, or a first time mom, or single, or holistic or whatever else society deems unacceptable.

I don’t care if its a family member, a friend, a doctor, someone who has had multiple children and “been there done that”, I don’t care if its Michelle Duggar herself. No one knows a baby better than it’s Mama, and for that reason her wishes have to be respected. Its for the greater good, really.

A Mama’s decisions, whether they be based on her own research, lessons learned or strictly mother’s intuition, are made with careful consideration and love for her child. And wanting her child to thrive. Thriving and surviving are different, contrary to popular belief. We know you survived, but that’s not our only goal anymore.

Now don’t hear me wrong, I’m not discrediting wisdom. I’m discrediting judgement. I encourage you to call your own Mama, or your Grandma, or Aunt, or best friend. Ask for help. Ask for their advice when its needed. Use your Grandma’s special stain removing trick that can tackle even the worst of the worst blow outs, find out what helped your Sister’s teething baby when they were screaming at 3 am, ask your Mama to show you that “sweet spot” that instantly relieves gas pain. By all means, it takes a village. Just know that when it comes to your own tribe, you’re the Queen.

When it comes to when and what your baby eats, when and how they sleep, what goes in and on their bodies, what they watch, how they play, what they learn, who they associate with and every other seemingly minuscule detail of their lives that will shape their future… well Mama that’s for you to decide and enforce. No more a-little-won’t-hurt jabs at your authority.

Straighten your Mama crown, and know you it was given to you with trust, responsibility, and purpose. You are capable and worthy.

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